Diversity II


Chair: Lany L. Villalobos, Dechert LLP, Philadelphia, PA

TCJA Recent Developments and Policy Considerations Concerning Payments Related to Sexual Harassment Under Code Section 162(q) and Fines and Penalties Under Code Section 162(f).

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act amended the Internal Revenue Code to address the deduction of certain payments related to sexual harassment or sexual abuse settlements that involve nondisclosure agreements and the deduction of payments that constitute restitution or amounts paid to come into compliance with any law. This panel will discuss recent technical developments (including recent guidance) with respect to these payments under Code Sections 162(f), 162(q) and 6050X and policy considerations related to the federal tax treatment of these payments.
Moderators: Rayth Myers, EY, Washington, DC; Susan Grais, EY, Washington, DC
Panelists: John Moriarty, Associate Chief Counsel, IRS Office of Chief Counsel (Income Tax & Accounting), Washington, DC; Sharon Horn, Senior Attorney, IRS Office of Associate Chief Counsel (Income Tax & Accounting), Washington, DC; Connie Cheng Cunningham, BDO USA LLP, Los Angeles, CA

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